Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Whew! The stress is off! I had my phone interview last night. It was at 10:30, and I was soooo tired! lol But, I'm glad it was last night because if I had to wait any longer, I would've gone cazy! Anyway, so I'm pretty nervous when I answer ther phone, but I remember to smile and be as polite as possible. So, first off she begins to ask me questions verifying the information on my application. After that, she asked my why I applied. I told her that this would be a great experience for me and that it has a lot to offer me. "Excellent" She replied. She then asked me about living with roommates, how does that sound? I laughed and told her that i was looking foward to that! I began to relax a little bit as she asked me about my work experience, so I told her about that and the community service that I do. "Excelent!" She said, (again) She told me that I had a lot of experience. Then we went onto the jobs. She asked me which were my top three. I told her merch, attractions, and full service and dining. So then she asked me questions relating to those specific jobs. It was exciing and I felt more comfortable talking. At the end of the interview she told me that i sounded very excited and very professional!!!! I about fell out of my chair! I was so happy that she liked me! When I hung up the phone I couldnt stop smiling! So now I will be waiting three to four weeks before I hear if I got accepted or not! Cross your fingers everyone!