Thursday, August 26, 2010

Packing is Complete

Yay! I am finally done packing! I have really been slacking on it.

My room doesn't look as bare as I thought it was going to. But my closet is practically empty. Everything is in the living room now, waiting to be packed up, which we are going to do Saturday night.

Tomorrow is my going away party. It's just going to be something really small with some family. Im going to miss them a lot and I'm sad to say goodbye. We are just going to have a dinner that night and then finish getting ready to go Sunday morning.

So I packed all of my clothes earlier. It was pretty messy. Clothes were everywhere! lol But it all got done quickly and I am pleased to say that everything fit into the last few bins I had. lol

Next stop: Family Dinner, and then, Disney!

Monday, August 23, 2010

So Close!

Today is the last Monday in Lake Placid! I am soo excited that it is almost time to leave! This week is going to be crazy busy! Today wasnt too bad, but tomorrow I have to go and clean out my car (it's really super messy), Wednesday I will clean my room for the final time, and then Thursday I have to finish packing all of my clothes! Most of them are already packed away in bins. So I also have to do some last min shopping too. A lot of it will be done when I get to Orlando though. :)

So, I thought about finding out where I work early, but I think I am going to wait. I mean, if I have already waited five months, then I think I can wait a week...but it's still soo tempting!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have only 9 days left! Why do I fear that time will move so slow? *Sigh* I am just so ready to go that it's not even funny.

Well, tomorrow is my last day at work. I am very excited because that will mean that i am closer to Disney and the awesomeness that will become of it! lol

So tonight was a wonderful night because I got to skype my friends Taylor and Haley! It was soooo awesome! They sound fantastic and I seriously cannot wait to meet them!

So, this next week will be frightfully boring. I will begin the last bits of packing...but not until later in the week. I have the majority of everything packed and ready to go!

So yes, this was a lame update for next week. Hopefully, I am totally wrong and next week is insanely busy :P

Monday, August 16, 2010

13 Days

So in 13 days, I wil be heading up to Orlando. I have already done the majoity of shopping and packing for the apartment.

I does look like a And my room is really realy bare. But I wanted to make sure that everything was ready to go. I cannot believe that this is happening! I have lived here for so long that it seem so surreal that I am leaving. But it is a good thing because I am ready to leave this place. But Im beginning to get a little

So this is my little update..Oh, Im getting my haircut on Wed...Im thinking about a short bob...I usually dye it a dark red, but I can't because then if my roots grow I will have to continue to dye it...and it become expensive :(

And here is a picture of my Doggie! Minnie!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Stretch

So, there are only 21 days until I leave for the Happiest Place on Earth. I am not prepared. Well, I'm semi-prepared. I have most everything for the room...but nothing is really packed. So, my Mom and I have to begin the process of cleaning and paking everything in bins.

It makes me sad when I clean my's not going to be mine anymore. It is going to belong to one of my brothers...So, that may be distubing.

But I'm super excited and it needs to be September already!!

So I have bought quite a few things for the apartment in the past few days. Some boring stuff like a wastebasket and tupperware. But then I got some cool stuff like this really awesome pen! It looks like a feather and its soo cool! And I bought one a magnetic grocery list...So we can put it on the fridge. lol

I like to shop, what can I say? But, now I need to save my money so I can buy some awesome stuff at Disney! (Like Food! lol)