Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heros Get Remembered, Legends Never Die

Sooo...I am such a bad blogger! It has just been so crazy here! Graduation is in 16 days! Holy crap! Next week is the last week of school...and then it is exams! And now, teachers are piling on homework like crazy! It just makes me want to cry! lol But, it is also making me so much more excited for Disney! I am super excited, I just wish that these next 110 days will just fly by! I think it will, because I got a job! Yay! I'm doing some housekeeping, which kinda sucks..but thats okay really, becuase I will be making some cash money! Soo....Prom is this weekend. Masquarade theme. It kinda sticks because the Juniors decided to hold it at the same place as last year. So, it better is amazingly awesome! lol
lol I know this blog is kinda short, but now I must go and do a project for English!


haleypixie said...

next week is my last week too! im so excited. but i know what you mean by teacher giving out a lot of homework. I have had three tests in two weeks for one class.. and homework every night. Let sjsut say i have never had his much work..

and my prom is this weekend to. but your so lucky, your theme is much cooler than ours. Mine is Moulin Rouge.. and the juniors suck at planning, decorations suck, and so does the location.. our study hall room.
wow i wrote alot!!! :)

Nichele said...

lol Teachers exist only to torture!

Oh dont feel bad...our prom will suck too...the juniors have NO money...senior parents had to donate money at the last minte! Can u believe it???

haleypixie said...

parents had to donate.. wow.

but i hope it turned out amazing for you. mines wasnt as bad as i thought it would be