Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grad Bash 2010

I love universal Studios and Islands of Adventure! It is great! Almost as great as Disney! We went to Grad Bash the other night and bad a blast! Grad Bash is when a bunch of High schools go to Universal from about 7:00pm to 2:00am. It was super fun and pretty intense. First off, it wasnt NEARLY as crowded as Halloween Horror Nights! Which was great because I didnt have to wait 2 hours for one ride!

Anyway, so I get there and Im right next to the Simpsons ride. I have been wanting to ride this since in came out! So I walk over there and I see that it is only a 25 minute wait. I figured that this will be the shortest wait all night so I quickly hop in line. Im standing in line, looking at the scenery...and I see people skipping to the front of the line. I was not happy...the people around me were not happy. It is one of my pet peeves and is very rude and inconsiderate to everyone in the line. Well, a Universal "Cast Member" (I dont know what else to call them. lol) saw that some people were skipping, and he proceded to chase them out of the line. Like a woman chasing a mouse out of her kitchen. lol. Then, everyone cheered and it was my turn to get on the ride.

Well, I go in the building, and I am put in a line. We watch the little videos and wait patiently for out turn. Soon, someone comes and tells me to go to door number 2. My heart is pounding with the anticipation that comes with riding a new attraction. (Or an old one for that matter) So I go into door number two and watch th little pre-show and saftey rules and stuff and pretty soon, its my turn to go...

Oh my Goodness! I was an amazing ride! And there is a Kwik-E-Mart right next door! lol Anyway, my gext goal was my all time favorite ride...The Mummy. So I began the trek there. I was pretty amazing walking around and just seeing what Universal really looked like. I wasn't really in a hurry to get anywhere, I was going to be in Universal for 6 hours. I pass the Rip Ride Rockit, and saw where the stage is set for the concerts. (Sean Kingston and Flo Rida) I get to the Mummy and see that it is a 50 minute wait. Well, I figured that that was the shortest wait of the night, so I happily step in line. The line moved pretty quickly, and soon, I am at the front. I just love the Mummy! lol

After the Mummy, I decide that I wanted to go to Islands of Adventure. lol I just didnt know how to get there. I actually ended up at like this dance party thing...there was so much fog that I came out of there coughing....

Well, I finially found it and proceeded to head over to IOA. Along the way the lights began to change and the music changed as well...I ended up in Suess's Landing. I knew where I was going now so I headed over to the Spiderman ride. It seemed as if there were so many more people in IOA than at Universal. I stopped at the bridge where the Hulk was. I watched it for a minute, wondering if I could force myself to ride it. In the end, I chickened out and headed to Spiderman. (There was also a 140 minute wait) At spiderman, the wait was 50 minutes. So I got in line. Omg...the longest wait ever!! I got to the room with the big screen withe movie, it's a great movie, I could probably recite it to you! The line stopped right when I was infront of the screen. I sweat, I wanted to take something and throw it at the screen! lol But eventually, the line moved and I got on the ride.

It broke. Seriously, About halfway through the ride, the screens went blank. So we went through the rest of the ride with nothing to look was pretty lame. But, after the ride the CM's let us go around and get back on so we could go again. I went well the second time. lol So after that I got hungry. I got some pizza at that one place right next to Spiderman. After that, I went into a store, not to buy anything, but because I wanted to see what my future job would be. The CM was very nice playing with a looked like a pretty good job! lol So then i made my way to Toon Lagoon. Along the way I bought a Grad Bash T shirt, and I decided to continue to Jurrassic Park.

I got in line for Jarrassic Park, (30 minute wait) and began to text my friend, Jess. She was in Toon lagoon and we decided to meet up after the ride. So I rode Jurrassic Park, Which was awesome. And texted her again. Now she was going to ride Rip Ride Rockit. I didnt want to ride it so i told her that I will see her when she is done. I went around to Suess's Landing so I could go back to Universal. I then spend some time just walking around and looking at the stores. I stop at a Ben and Jerry's and get some ice cream, then I see that jess has texted me. Rip Ride Rockit was a 140 minute wait! But, she really wanted to ride it so she was willing to wait. I then walked around a little bit longer and went to Disaster. That was pretty fun, the wait was less than 20 minutes. After that ride I wasnt sure what to do, so I went back to the Simpsons ride and rode it again! lol It was great! I then went to the Kwik-E-Mart shop and looked around. I love the Simpsons and was really temped to buy a shirt. lol But I resisted and headed over to Men in Black.

It was a 25 minute wait and I would have to go find a lock becuause of the bag I was carrying. So I passed on it and went and walked aroudn some more. I looked at the carnival games, and was temped to play them, but I wasn't going to waste the money...I've never been good at carnival games. :) But I enjoyed watching other people play them, so I sat down by the exit of jaws and texted Jess. She was wondering where I was and I was wondering where she was. It was 1:30 in the morning and we have still haven't met up. I asked her where she was at. She was at the Fear Factor, (Which is where the exit was located for the night) So I made my way there.

There were so many people waiting by the exit! But, I got lucky and found her sitting under a tree. She looked tired. Everyone looked tired. People were beginning to get impatient ad were ready to leave. Finally the doors opened and peopl began to walk out. Oh my goodness! It was insane! We were packed like sardines! And the guy behind me kept telling his buddies that he was feeling sick! I was trying to get away from him as fast as possible! lol Well, after what seems like hours, we finally make it back to the bus. I collapsed onto the seat. So tired.

I was a great trip though.  I got to ride everything I wanted to! Next time I go though, I am going to force my self on those coasters! And the Harry Potter Park will be open! Woo hoo!

*NOTE: Yes, There no no pictures because my camera broke a few days ago. R.I.P Nikon, you will be missed :(


Jess said...

wow this sounds like such a good time! I'm glad you got to ride everything you wanted to, and I'll say it again I can't wait for Harry Potter =)

Devin said...

Sounds like fun. I wasn't aware you could just walk between the parks like that! I think that party thing you're talking about is like their version of DTD. Forgot what they call it but I saw the commercial a few times in Orlando.

Nichele said...

lol yeah...the party thing was like right by rip ride rockit...there was a huge sign that said "Dance Party." And for some reason, I thought that was the way to, and the fog machines always remind me of HHN...the