Thursday, August 26, 2010

Packing is Complete

Yay! I am finally done packing! I have really been slacking on it.

My room doesn't look as bare as I thought it was going to. But my closet is practically empty. Everything is in the living room now, waiting to be packed up, which we are going to do Saturday night.

Tomorrow is my going away party. It's just going to be something really small with some family. Im going to miss them a lot and I'm sad to say goodbye. We are just going to have a dinner that night and then finish getting ready to go Sunday morning.

So I packed all of my clothes earlier. It was pretty messy. Clothes were everywhere! lol But it all got done quickly and I am pleased to say that everything fit into the last few bins I had. lol

Next stop: Family Dinner, and then, Disney!