Friday, August 20, 2010


I have only 9 days left! Why do I fear that time will move so slow? *Sigh* I am just so ready to go that it's not even funny.

Well, tomorrow is my last day at work. I am very excited because that will mean that i am closer to Disney and the awesomeness that will become of it! lol

So tonight was a wonderful night because I got to skype my friends Taylor and Haley! It was soooo awesome! They sound fantastic and I seriously cannot wait to meet them!

So, this next week will be frightfully boring. I will begin the last bits of packing...but not until later in the week. I have the majority of everything packed and ready to go!

So yes, this was a lame update for next week. Hopefully, I am totally wrong and next week is insanely busy :P