Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Places to Be Seen

The time is drawing closer! Eep! And so I have been thinking about possible places to work. I know that there are possible ways to hear your location ahead of time, but thats not my style. lol I want to be plesently suprised! So here is my list of places where I would like to work.

1. Mouse Gear
I love this store! And I love epcot! This is like the central store there! It sells a little bit of everything. And it's not like, miles long, but it's not super duper tiny either. So, I think that I would really enjoy working here.

2. Mickey's Star Traders
Located in Tomarrowland, at the Magic kingdom. This shope is pretty fantastic. And Tomarrowland is my favorite at MK

3. Pooh's Thotful Shop
This is in Fantasyland. If I had to work there, I would hope that this is the shop I got. Pooh is adorable!
5. Mickey's of Hollywood
I've never been here. but I like the name! lol

6. Fantasia
At the Contemperary Resort. My Favorite one!
There's like a million more, but if I keep adding them, I might end up putting every shop on property down!