Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soo...Another Day Another Challenge! (Or Two)

Well today I will be combining two challenges together, 11 and 12.

Number 11 is favorite Animal sidekick.

Jaq and Gus!

I love them! They are hilarious! And I love how Jaq took Gus under his wing and became friends with him. Gus needed someone and Jaq came and they have been friends ever since.

Number 12 is favorite non-animal sidekick


Ok, so I know that she is technically not human. But, she has enough human qualities to make me think otherwise. I do enjoy her. She is the source of so much magic. She is everwhere in the parks! And I love her attitude! lol


Caitie said...

Love both of these choices! :]

Nichele said...

Thanks! Lumiere and Cogsworth are a really close number 2!