Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Real World

So I have been super busy this summer! I know, I am as shocked as you. When I was planning my summer, there were a lot of days where I wasnt really going to do much of anything. But now, I work, and I babysit, and it's crazy. And then I went shopping for the apartment the other day. I got almost everything for the room. I even found the perfect bedding! lol I had originally planned on buying the Disney Polynesian bedding, but I fell in love with this set....its roxy and its green and I will have to take a picture of it soon on my new camera! Yes I got a new one! I am so excited! and the best part is is that it is a kodak! And it can load pics right up to fb through the camera! Its perfect!

So I feel like I needed to update everyone. I know that it has been really busy, but It's important that we keep in a lot of contact, (especially if we want to room together!) Oh, and I got the first three days Itinerary....we will be verrry busy you guys! And we need to arrive early!