Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be Our guest!

Continuing on our tour of New Fantasyland...

I was on the phone the day that it opened up for reservations. I waited over an hour to talk to someone. I was then told that the earliest reservation would be December 22. So as a Christmas present to myself, I will be dining at Be our Guest restaraunt! So naturally, I was most excited to see this. I had heard nothing but good things from everyone else that has seen the inside or tasted the quick service menu. But I was not prepared for what was inside.

There are simply no words to describe this scene. It is like they took my favorate moment from my favorite childhood movie, and made it real. On the far end of the restaraunt were these Massive windows! And snow!! Yes! It looked like it was snowing outside!

There are three dining rooms at Be Our Guest. The main dining room was the ballroom scene (My personal favorite) The second scene we saw was the encchanted garden theme.

How Beautiful! But then, on the opposite side of this dining room, was the mysterious West Wing. It was so earie and woderfully sppoky. And it also had the enchanted rose!

We had such a great time walking through the restaraunt and admiring the detail and beauty that it had. We also got a sneap peak at the menus!

Inside the menu there are wine pairings associated with each main course. I'm  not sure how I feel about this yet. Magic Kingdom prides itself on being a dry park. It has always been. But then again, I understand that times are changing and alcohol is a big sell in the other parks. I'm just worried that if this becomes a success, then there will be alcohol al throughout the Magic Kingdom. How much is too much?

We exited the restaraunt and made our way to Bonjour gifts and Gaston's tavern. The line to get into Gaston's was already wrapping outside the door! We decided to skip that one and head into Bonjour gifts. There was some cool New Fantasyland merchandise, but nothing that really stood out. I supposed they are waiting until it is officially open before they bring out the good stuff.

As we exited the shop. (I love a little shop!) We saw a crowd gathering over by the fountain.

Yes! How cool! It was Gaston! In all his pompous glory! There was no line for him, he just roamed the area, stopping every once in awhile to pose for pictures. But I finally snagged one with him.

How Fun! Our next stop was the little Mermaid Ride! My mom was most excited about this ride and I knew it would be so cute!

This is us waiting in line for the Little Mermaid! We were so excited!!!

The didn't have the interactive queue open, but that was okay. We were more wanting to ride the ride anyway.
I thought the ride was very similar to the Seas with Nemo and Friends, with the shell cars moving on the omnimover system. But it was super cute. And yes, my mom was that person, taking pictures during the ride.

We had such a great time at the New Fantasyland preview! And it was so wonderful to spend the entire day with my mom. There are too many destractions when I go home and visit, I never really spend time with her. But I think that this is just what we needed. Now I'm trying to convince her to come up to see the Christmas Decorations!!