Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday on Land, and on the sea!

Monday was my 21st birthday! It was such a fantastic day! I spent the day with one of my closest friends at Epcot, enjoying the wine portion of Food and Wine. :) (Although we never got any further than Mexico, those darn Margaritas!) 

After awhile we began to walk around the world Showcase. It was so much fun walking around, wearing my birthday button like a badge of honor! (My friend made me on with a big 21 on it. I got a free Margarita in Mexico!) We finally stopped in Germany, to one of the best kept secrets in all of Epcot, Karamelle-Kuche. Best Caramel Popcorn on property.

We didn't get Popcorn. My friend got a caramel apple, and I got a caramel drizzled brownie. (Not very good, Why was it so dry?) But the CM noted my birthday button and I got a free chocolate covered marshmallow as a treat! Yum! 

But the best part of my actually began before I went to Epcot. I know, 'How can there be something more exciting than spending your birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth?!?' Well, In December I will be off the grid for four days as I am GOING ON A DISNEY CRUISE!

Oh yeah, my roommate and I are going to spend some time on the Disney Dream, going to the Bahamas, and getting some well deserved R&R.

This is a huge vacation for me. And it couldn't come at a better, or worse time. Lately I have been feeling like I am in a rut. I need something fun and relaxing in my life. And the parks can only do so much. This is going to be wonderful, just getting away from  everything. On the other hand, we are moving at the end of December, and with the cruise at the beginning of the month, I will have to work even harder to make sure that everything is planned out, because I will be losing precious time. (I'm a planner I know)

I'm not even sure what to expect when we go. I just want to relax by the pool, read my books, and then eat until I pop! (And see the shows, and meet the characters, and of course, ride the AquaDuck)

I've got 22 days to do as much research as possible. 22 days to get cruise clothes, 22 days to get my kindle ready with the perfect reading material (Shada? Yes?) 22 days to get mentally prepared to GO ON VACATION!