Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

My mom and I went to the cast preview to New Fantasyland a couple of weeks ago. It was wonderful to spend some quality time with my mom. Both us us have been looking foward to seeing what the New Fantasyland has to offer. We arrived early, we didn't want to be late! We were glad we did, becuase there was already quite a line for the wristbands. But soon we were good to go!

Soon we entered the new Fantasyland with wide eyes and huge smiles. Everything was beautiful! The detail was absolutely incredible! On our left was Enchanted tales with Belle. There was already 30 minute wait for it. I knew it would be a slow loading show, so this was probably the lowest wait time we would see. We hopped in line and were immediatlely greeted by wonderful CM's.



The line went a little faster than I thought. Which was fine with me, as it was getting a little warmer. We did get to spend some quality time talking and fantasizing what the seven dwarfs mine train ride would be like.
Before we knew it, we were heading into Belle's Cottage.
WOW! What an amazing room! The detail is fantastic!! The Imagineers did a wonderful job! Not a detail missed. My favorite part was the portit on the wall of young Belle and her Mother. How beautiful!

Soon we entered the preshow area. I dont have any pictures from that. Spoilers!
I love the interactive-ness of this show! Everyone who wanted a part got one, but it was much funnier when you had work for it though. (Such as singing or hopping) My mom and I didnt get a part, but we were okay with it, we're more people watchers anyway. :)

After the "Rehersals" Lumiere led us into the Library, where we waited to suprise Belle!

I loved this show. I loved how the guests were put into the middle of all of the action. Shy guests were suddenly barking, or rawring, or singing at the top of their lungs. And the best part? If  you were a part of the show, you got to have your picture taken with Belle!!

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the Be Our Guest Restaraunt! And Gaston!! So charming!