Monday, April 19, 2010

Apples to Apples

Well, I went shopping apartment things the other day. It was amazing! It's like, "dude, I'm buying stuff for my apartment!" It was weird. My mom was there with me and we filled up two whole shopping carts! lol Well, a lot of it was big stuff. But, I got some really cool things. Like my bedding, I love my bedding! It's the Disney
polynesian bedding! It's soo pretty! It also comes with some amazing pillows!

Aren't they cute? lol I also got some stuff for the bathroom. I got a shower curtain, towels, trash can, toothbrush holder, etc. They are really awesome looking.

I also got some fun stuff! Like, some board games and the awesome alphabet letters that go on the fridge!
So, yeah. It's been super fun!
Shopping for this stuff as been great! And I cant wait until I move into the apartment and unpack everything! I know that I'm going to have a lot more stuff before September 1st! Can you believe it guys? Only 135 more days? They are seriously just going to FLY by!!!


Devin said...

Yay everyone is shopping now!!! lol I need so much stuff it's ridiculous.
i like you bed sheets lol

haleypixie said...

i love your bedding. i want it, haha.. apples to apples great game..

you are giving me good ideas for my dorm!

Nichele said...

Thanks guys! The bedding is my favorite part! It's so pretty..and happy! lol

and yes, apples to apples = greatness!

Caitie said...

You're bed sheets are so cute!!

P.S. Can't wait to play Apples to Apples :D

Taylor said...

DUDE! All that stuff is awesome! This is getting me sooo excited!