Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, 148 more days until I am at the happiest place on Earth! I have a little countdown at the bottom of the page, in my signature on the DIS boards, and I have one on the whiteboard in my room. The days are going by pretty quick for me. But, I have been pretty busy. Graduation is coming up. (May 29th!!) So there is a lot of preperation for that! There is also Grad Bash the 23rd at Universal Studios. I'm super excited about that. I really want to ride the Simpson's ride. From what I heard, it's pretty amazing. :) Also, All Time Low is supposed to be playing. I dont really listen to them, but I thought that only rap groups were going to be playing. So yay for that too!

Congrats to everyone who got in! I can't believe this is really happening to us!

Also...yay to my awesome merch buddies! It's going to rule! lol


doddi92 said...

I stumbled across your blogspot on the DIS boards, I hope you don't mind me following! I got slightly excited because I set up my blogspot a few days ago to blog my Cultural Representative application which I've just found out really needs to be sorted for June so I'm in a huge panic and trying to get everything perfect and prepared so if I don't get it, I can say I tried my best and researched into.

This is a bit cheeky, but can you help me with blogspot. I, obviously like you, adore Disney, I would love a Disney layout but I actually have no idea what I'm doing with this.

Keep posting, I'm all excited for you! Congratulations! I hope to follow in your footsteps with success within Disney one day in the near future!

Myah x

Nichele said...

Hi! I'm so excited that you are following my blog!

I would love to help you with your blog. Here are some websites for some Disney layouts:



If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!

Zanabelle said...

I'm so excited for you, nichele! :)

doddi92 said...

A few questions and up for a general Disneyfied chit-chat! Do you have aim?

Nichele said...

no...sorry I am "aim-less" but you can PM me on the DIS...or look me up on facebook!

doddi92 said...

I've finally got my blog up and running! Would love for you to follow :) I can't find your last name, add me on facebook: Myah Doddington and what's your email?x

freeteyme said...

Congratulations Nichele! We'll see you soon!

Nichele said...

totally uncool facebook. :( I couldnt find you...that made me so sad! Try adding me...Nichele Browning. I'm also in the group Disney CareerStart Program Fall 2010! (: my email is nichele.browning@gmail.com