Tuesday, June 22, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

So Haley found this amazing 30 day challenge on tumblr, and I just HAVE to do it!
So today is day 1...My favorite Disney Movie!

Ok, on this I am so torn! I have two favorites! lol
Beauty and the Beast is one of them. I absolutely LOVE Belle! She is so headstrong, and stubborn lol kinda like me. I also love the songs too. I swear, I could sing them all day long! And the story itself is amazing. It is about the Beast, and his imperfections. About trust, and finding out what is important in life.
Toy Story Is the other movie. The first one. It is just so fantastic! I have always wondered what happens to the toys when you leave the room. lol And Toy Story is very special to me because it is a movie that grew as I grew. Andy is the same age as me. He is going to college, like I am. And so this is a bit of noglastica for me, going back and seeing him when he was five. I felt like I myself was five again.
So stay tuned for the next challenge!


Anonymous said...

Can you link me to this challenge please? :) It's Myah it wont let me log in! x