Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, I did it. I have graduated from high school. It is all oficially over. Now it doesnt matter what I got on my finals, or if I forgot to turn something in. It's all  over.
Saturday was such a hectic day. My stomach was in knots and me knees were shaking. I just wanted to hurry up and get it over with. So after about a million pictures, we are ready to head up to the community college audotorium. (Which was recently redone and looked amazing! lol) So, we get there and I see my best friend heading up to the building. So my mom stops her and we take a million more pictures! lol

So we get to the building and it was so hectic! lol But somehow, some way, we all line up and get ready to walk down the aisle and onto the stage.

It felt like we were on that stage for HOURS! It was so hot! lol But then, it was all over and we were tossing out hats up in the air! And then....it rained! lol So everyone was waiting in the covered area for someone to bring their cars around. While we were waiting I got some more pictures with my family. :)

Me, My mom and my Dad :)

So now, school is officially over!! lol And the countdown begins! :) I am super excited and I think that this summer will pass by very very quickly!


haleypixie said...

congrats girl. im excited for you!! now if only we lived closer, i would totally go visit you this summer

Nichele said...

lol yea! Me too! Oh why must Florida be so far away from pennsylvania! lol

haleypixie said...

i know. you would think they should be closer. haha!