Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trivia Tuesday!

So I'm going to be working at this magical place, I have done a ton on research on it within the last couple of years. I know my way around all of the rides and resorts. I know where to start when I am planning for a vacation for my family. I know obscure facts about all of the parks. But, there are still so many things that I need to know! So, thanks to themouseforless.com, I found a ton of trivia questions that will help!

Okay, Question one: How many miles is the monorail system at Disney World?

Question two: What happened on the day that Splash Mountain made its official debeut?

Question three: What did Walt believe was the secret of Mickey's popularity?

Question four: What's the names of the restrooms in Toontown?

Question five: What ride was original in the location of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh?

Question six: Walt said that Mickey Mouse was a symbol of what?

Question seven: Who are the new owners of the Enchanted Tiki Room?

Question eight: What is the name of the river around Tom Sawyer Island?

Question nine: What animal spits water at you on the Magic Carpets on Aladdin?

Question ten: Why are dark rides called dark rides?

Okay, 10 questions. Leave your answers in the comments. I will post the answers tomarrow!


haleypixie said...

5. the adventures of Mr. Toad.
9. camel

yeah. im totally off my game today. but at least i know 2. haha

Nichele said...

lol yeah some of them are pretty hard. :)

Dude, did you see? I posted your blog on my blog :) Free Advertising! lol

Taylor said...

I literally have no idea whatsoever what the answers to those are... methinks you're going to have to give me a Disney lesson :P

Nichele said...

lol Thats kinda what these posts are for. I had no clue to any of the answers either.

Woo hoo! Disney Lessons for all!

haleypixie said...

exactly what i was thinking taylor.. nichele you are going to have to brush me up on disney facts..

and thanks girl.. free advertising.

Devin said...

3 is because Mickey Mouse had human qualities and was easy to relate too. I think his exact quote was "The secret behind Mickey is that we all see ourselves in him."