Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adding a Little character in my life

I've been working at the Happiest place on Earth for about two years now, so I go to the parks quite often. Here are some pictures with some of my favorite characters!

 Mike and I have matching hats!

 To infinity and Beyond!! Hes so charming!

 Hook followed us into the Pirates of the Carribbean queue!

 Shes such a beautiful princess! Our first time inside the castle

 Me and Belle

 Ariel is one of my favorite characters to meet!

Me and my brother! :)

 My favorite character ever!

 Silvermist was so much fun!

Lotso Huggin Bear! He really smelled like strawberries!

Where is my super suit?!?

How cool to was it to meet Gepetto!

Fawn is my favorite fairy!

Miss Bunny!

Meeting Tinkerbell on one of the last days at Toontown

Donald in Mexico!

Can you tell I love Donald? ;)

The stepsisiters have such pretty smiles, don't they? ;)

One of my absolute favorite pictures!

This is from the Ohana breakfast. A definate must do!

Island Mickey lol

A truly evil queen

Lilo is so cute!

Meeting the Fairy Godmother was a great way to start the day!


Pooh and Tigger were definatly worth the wait! :)

You've got a friend in me

We waited about 10 minutes to meet her! Thats almost unheard of!

Stitch! Rawr!

Aladdin and Jasmine are fantastic!

Rapunzel! But where is Flynn? ;)

I'm Late! I'm Late!

Chip wouldnt stop tickeling me!

Pirate Goofy!

Meeting Snow White with my closest friends!

She's practically perfect in every way!