Sunday, March 14, 2010

Disney on a Dime

Ok, so when you'e doing the CareerStart program, you know that you're not going to make a lot of money. Because it's not about the money, it's about the experience of working at Disney World. So, on your days off, you dont have a lot of cash to spare. You get to go to the parks for free....but, what else is there to do when you're broke?

  Disney's board walk has some really cool things to do that are either free or inexpensive. There are street performers to watch, or some carnival style games you could play for a small fee. Or you could just sit and relax, and watch the friendship boats float by.

Downtown Disney is great fun, and you don't need bundles of money to enjoy it. Window shopping always is cool, especially the Art of Disney Store.Oh! And thr interactive fountains are great fun! Whether you're getting wet...or just watching other people. Also, don't forget the Lego store! There is an outdoor play area filed with Lego's! Also, at the Magic Masters shop, sometimes there are demonstrations that are free!

Oh..the hotels have lots of fun things to do that don't cost a lot of money. Like, looking at all of the pools..or the lobbies...or even going to the pop century of All Star resorts for some really cool pictures!! Like the giant Buzz Lightyear!! Or, you could go to the animal Kingdom Lodge or the Wilderness Lodge and get a free tour!

Celebration is a rival of my football, it would be pretty cool to go there and check out the compatition! lol It's more of a mellow fun things to do because...well, all you are really doing is looking around...but it's something to see if you have never seen it before.

The monorail. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the monorail!! So, it would be so much fun just to ride around in...with no particular place to go...

Or the boats, they are pretty fun....and are really special at night. Or a carriage ride, they are both pretty romantic things to do...and are free!

Beaches and cream.....always wanted to try their ice cream! ^_^ Yum

At Ft. Wilderness there are campfires and free Disney movies to watch!! And for a small fee, you can make S'mores!! I havent had a s'more in forever! lol

Or, you could just take a walk...there is so much to do at Disney....but sometimes, the simple things are the most fun....there is so much to do, and I think that people just rush to the things that are the most fun to them....but sometimes, we just need to relax...take a walk...and go with the flow...:)


haleypixie said...

beaches and cream.. that is the place with ice cream in a sink..

ah.. you make me want to go so badly.. all the stuff you mentioned sounds like so much fun...

Nichele said...

lol yes...and it doest cost much!!

lol I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Beaches and Cream...we are def. going to have to do that! lol

haleypixie said...

not costing a lot..that is a HUGE bonus..

definately. ive heard only good things about beaches and cream

Anonymous said...

Cute! Also, the rides! The rides are 100% free. I wouldn't mind trying to rack up my score on Buzz Lightyear over and over lol

Taylor said...

This was such a great post! It's getting me so exited! All of that sounds so wonderful!!!!!