Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Letter

Dun Dun DUUN!!!!

The elusive letter has arrived! I am Sooo excited. I finally have it in my hands!!

It's so shiny! And pretty! And silky smooth! lol
Ok, so Check in date is September 1st. Thats plenty of time to get everything together.

Everything is so perfect!! lol
So now, I can think about what I need to pack, and what I'm going to do when I get there!!!
Walt Disney World, here I come!!!!


haleypixie said...

it is beautiful. haha.
this is exciting

Camille Marae said...

I GOT MY LETTER TODAY TOO! woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph said...

I didn't get my letter :( I'm freaking out now.. but i'm so jealous of you lol is September 9th the only check in date?

Zanabelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You look so happy!!! :)

Nichele said...

yes. Sept 9th is the only check in date. but thats okay! Cuz then that gives us a better chance to be roommmates!