Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Disney: Urban Legends

Legend: Walt Disney was cryognically frozen. False
C'mon. This is just crazy. Walt Disney's body is not frozen and hidden in a chamber under Pirates of the Carribbean at Disneyland. Walt Disney was creamated two days after his death. December 17, 1966

Legend: Two monorails once collided into each other. True
 Scary, isn't it? It happened at around two in the morning at the Ticket and Transportation center on July 5th, 2009. One cast member died, one was rushed to the hospital, and no guests were hurt.
Another crash happened on Valentine's Day, 1974. A monorail was heading towards the Magic Kingdom and was unable to stop. No guests were injured and a cast member was sent to the hospital.

Legend: A cast member was thrown into the Magic Kingdom lagoon and elecrocuted. False
Ah...Grad Nite...such a fun time, but, this myth is false. Nobody threw Mickey Mouse in the lagoon, and he didn't die from electrocution due to the air conditionin unit in his suit.....because there are no air conditioner units in the costumes...

Legend: In the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, you can see bullet holes from a shooting that occured in the 1970s. True
Some time in the 1970s, someone brought a gun to Disneyland and began shooting it in the Haunted Mansion...they were clearly out of their mind. So, the glass he shot was too large to move and have fixed, so Disney just taped it over...Kinda adds to the decor, no?

Legend: Someone died on the fantasyland's Skyway. True
Sad, but true. Almost, although it is true that someone died on the fantasyland's Skyway, it was not a guest. It was a cast member. On February, 1999, a cast member, who was not wearing any protective gear, fell to the death on the loading area.

Legend: A guest's head was severed when riding space mountain. True/False
Okay, this is a bit tricky. Someone's head did get severed off during the ride, but it was not really a was a test dummy that the imagineers put there when they were testing the ride....they did make sure to not let that happen again. :)

Legend: Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World can be taken apart in case a hurricane was going to hit the Magic Kingdom. False
No, this would not be possible. Cinderella's Castle is not like some puzzle that can be put together and held with some glue. It is made up of fiberglass and cannot be taken apart...and it has survived its fair share of hurricanes....Just ask

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haleypixie said...

i really like this post. very interesting rumors get sprad about that place..the Walt Disney one is definately the weirdest!

Nichele said...

lol yeah...where do people come up with these things?!?! lol

Camille Marae said...

okay... the only one i have ever heard of was the one about walts head being with the pirates! but not all those other ones too. wow. haha

Taylor said...

woahh that's crazy! I didn't know any of that! This was super fun to read!

Steph said...

lol haha you crack me up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people say

"Oh yeah they have air conditioning in their costumes."

I'm like "Well Da! How else can they stand out in that Florida Heat?? ... O.O"

Seriously though, where do they get this stuff? lol Like air conditioning? No, thats called hard labor!

btw, I'm blogging now! lol