Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road to WDW

Nothing new has really been happening. My mother and I have already started shopping for things for the apartment. We got this storage bin and we will buy things a little at a time and fill the bin. It's pretty cool, and looking at it makes it super excited for the future.

Grad Bash is April 23 at Universal. I'm pretty excited about that too. I really want to ride the Simpson's ride! lol. Hopefully, both parks will be open, because I loooove the Spiderman Ride. Soo much fun! lol. The only thing that bums me out is that the Harry Potter land will not be open until June. So, we wont see it yet.....maybe when I move to Orlando, some friends and I will go there.

Graduation is upon us. My mom is planning a family party. Im looking foward to that. But, Project Graduation is that night. I think we are going to Wet n' Wild. I'm not really a water park person, but, it should be fun. I think that it's going to be pretty hectic...but fun :)

I'm pretty happy that I am leaving. I look around and see people who I thought were going to go somewhere and do something just stay here and not do anything and it's just like, woah, what happened? I'm glad I'm not in that position though. I really would like to stay in Orlando as long as possible, and hopefully go to school there....I will try my best to make it possible.


NEATO-NiCO said...

i definately want to go to hhn and universal alot and of course disney (it's freeee) yeah were going :)

Nichele said...

lol awesome! I'm def. looking foward to it!

Jess said...

I will definately go to Harry Potter at Universal with you!