Monday, March 15, 2010

Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt

Ok, so It's been pretty boring here on the home front. I still haven't getten my, to pass the time I've created a scavenger hunt for the Magic Kingdom. Maybe, if we're lucky, we will be able to put this list to use!!
Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt
1) Get a picture with a fur character (Easy!)

2) Make a silly face with a princess

3) Get an autograph of the jungle cruise skipper

4)Take a picture of some random person's lunch! it's not a lot, but that's OKAY! Cuz This is where you guys come in! Leave me a comment with some suggestions and lets see if we can make this the coolest...and most random scavenger hunt ever!!


haleypixie said...

haha now this will be fun!!
hmmm. what to do.

5. find a paintbrush on Tom Sawyer Island.

6.Get a dole Whip because they are amazing.

7.get a giant group picture in front of the castle.

8.skip down main street with mickey ears on!

haha. so mine are kinda lame. but i tried

Devin said...

9. One picture from each parade. (Spectro and Main Street)

10. Picture of each show. (Like the one at the Castle and Buzz Lightyears etc)

11. Get a picture with either Mickey Minnie Donald or Goofy in their toontown homes. (difficult one)

12. Find the original EPCOT designs.

Nichele said...

wow. These are really awesome ideas!! I am so printing this list so we can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

13. Get an on ride photo from Splash, Space, and Buzz holding up our CareerStart folders lol

NEATO-NiCO said...

14. Sword fight with a pirate (Jack Sparrow) in Pirates of the Carribean. (Can we do that?!?!)

Nichele said...

Steph...or With the awesome T -shirts we are going to make!! lol

Nico...I have no idea, but that is not going to stop me from trying!!!!

haleypixie said...

oh my steph.. your made me smile!!

15. ride one ride in a day as amany times as you can.

16. try and get the HM cast members to laugh

17. collect a fast pass for each ride