Monday, March 1, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Rides at Walt Disney World (Pt. 1)

Okay, I have a lot of favorites at Walt Disney World, but today I thought that I should start with the rides. Disney World has over 6,000 rides. But I narrowed it down to my top 10. And trust me, this was extremely hard to do.

#10 Tomarrow Transit Authority (TTA)
This is not a thrill ride, it is not a show ride. It's just....a ride. You ride in the cars, touring Tommarrowland. The ride design is pretty awesome. There are not engines. Every so often the wheels are propelled my a magnetic pull and you continue to travel. There is hardly ever a line, and it is a wonderful ride to ride when the weather is super hot. Along the way, you will past Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, and you go through Space Mountain. (Sometimes, if you're very lucky, you can see Space Mountain with the lights on!) You continue through and come to a small model of Walt Disney's "Progress City" Sometimes I wish that I could just stop the ride right there so I could get a closer look. As you exit the ride. You are back on the ground, but now, you have a different perspective of Tommarrowland.
# 9 The Haunted Mansion 
This is NOT a scary ride. Although, when I was little, I thought that it was. It is a very fun ride, touring through the mansion. My favorite part is the stretching room. I remember when I was little, I got so freaked out that I began to cry. I also love the ballroom. I love watching all of the ghosts dance. The haunted mansion is very detailed. And you would need to ride that ride 1,000 times to get all of the wonderfull little easter eggs hidden in there.
# 8 Test Track
Wow. This ride was so COOL. It was hot. It was cold. It was bumpy. It was fast. It was EVERYTHING! It is especially fun to ride at night! That was the first time I rode it and it was amazing. The queue is really cool. You see all of the cars and motors and stuff. So cool! I definately recommend using a FASTPASS for this ride. Heres a link to see some more of Test Track
# 7 Spaceship Earth
"The Big Golf Ball" as it is sometimes referred to. Spaceship Earth is located in Epcot. In the iconic ball. It is a wonderful slow moving ride that shows how communication has canged the world. It is such a cool ride. I mean, gosh, I just really love it. The audio Animitronics are really amazing in this ride. Definately worth the wait. Here is a video for Spaceship Earth.
# 6 Mad Tea Party
Lol I know that this ride can be found at a lot of other places, but there is no other like the one at Disney World. When I was little I would always want to ride, "The Teacups." With my Dad. And even now, it still is a special ride that we share together. (It makes my mom sick) It has an Alice in Wonderland theme, when Alice stumbled upon the Hare and Hatter's Un-birthday Party. You get to spin very fast and it's really great fun!
#5 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
I am not really a roller coaster fan. I tend to get really sick when I ride them. But this ride isn't so bad. In fact. It is one of my favorite rides. I love the thrill of the ride, even through you are not going very fast. I always feel like I am going to get hit with something. It's super scary at first, but as I get off of the ride, I am so pumped to do it again!

Well, this is a pretty long post, so I will save the rest of it for another time!!!


haleypixie said...

I am extremely happy that I am not the only one who enjoys the TTA. Everyone I know thinks it is strange that I enjoy it so much, but I guess that would have to ride it to see how amazing it is. I love all the details and WALT it ahs in it..Also I have been extremely luckly and have been on it when space mountain had lights on!!