Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Rides at Walt Disney World (Pt. 2)

# 4 Splash Mountain
"Zip-ah-dee-do-da Zip-ah-de-ay!" Splsh mountain is located in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. It's main claim to fame is the 52 foot drop at the end of the ride. It's the first thing you see when you look at the ride. You know it's going to happen, yet you sceam and close your eyes as you fall. You get a little wet, (People get wetter in the front than in the back) so it's especially good on those hot days. Here's a link for the video http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/guides/magickingdom/fro-splash.htm

                                  # 3 Pirates of the Caribbean
I can get enough of Pirates. It is a fun ride, full of humor, wit and fun. It doesn't have have any 30 feet drops or anything. But it still is very exciting. It's about 10 miniutes long. And the wait times can get pretty lenthy, but trust me, it's worth it!
#2 Space Mountain
This ride is located in Tomarrowland and is over 180 feet tall. In my opinion, it is the best mountain out of all of the others. The ride is mostly located in the dark, which can get a little scary for some people. The queue si verrry long. It stretches forever on the outside, then it's like, a 10 mile hike from the inside. So I would recommend using a FASTPASS to ride this ride.

#1 Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
My FAVORITE ride of all time!!! There is sooo much to love. First of all, the design is ingenious. It is a rotating theature. , and the seats and the thing that rotates. But the real winner is the message. I love to watch how everyday life progressed because of electricity. I have only ridden this ride once though. But for some reason, it is embedded in my memory, and that is why it is my number one. I mean, there are so many other rides that I have been on, but I don't really remember anything about them, with Walt Disney's Carousel of progrees, all of the memories seem so vivid. And that is very special to me.